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My name is Johnny Painter, and I am a Lighting Designer and Technician. 

          I am currently a student at Texas State University in San Marcos Texas, about to complete my Senior year towards my BFA in Theatre with an emphasis in Lighting. I have had the honor of learning the many aspects of being on an electrics and lighting design team under excellent instructors as Sarah Maines and Cheri DeVol, and a multitude of other technical theatre practices like rigging, welding, and carpentry with Shane Smith. I have also had the pleasure of attending and helping with lessons taught by Richard Cadena.


         Much of my experiences at Texas State have given me many professional level work experiences. In addition to the many work, hang, and focus calls I have worked on, I also have experience working in Master Electrician, Designer, and Assistant Designer positions. These have given me not only skills as a technician but also skills as a team member and communicator. Being able to work with someone is as equally important to being able to do the work.     


        Creating and storytelling have always been my passions, so naturally thetare drew me in. Ever since elementary school I have been obsessed with visual arts, to the point where the directors would ask me to stop complicating bringing the lights up. Continuing to fuel that want to create and assist storytelling is what drives me forward.



I am an


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(713) 855 - 7916

Johnny Painter Resume 2020

Johnny Painter

(713) 855 - 7916

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